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Devoted Fitness Bands

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Introducing my ‘Devoted Resistance Bands

The perfect partner for your home or gym workout programme!

If your working out from home or the gym and your serious about getting results then you’ll know a great set of resistance bands is a ‘must have’.

They’re essential to your progress and when combined with the perfect workout programme, they will accelerate your results along with incredible benefits to your health and wellbeing.

One of the hottest topics across my social media channels and the question I get asked everyday ‘what resistance bands do I recommend?’ - this is something I’ve always struggled to answer because the better quality bands seem to compromise on style and the more stylish bands aren’t as good quality and so with that in mind I decided to create the perfect set of resistance bands which combine both excellent quality with style, no compromises!

With 3 levels of resistance, Hard, Medium and Easy, they will test you no matter what level of fitness your at!

High quality resistance bands that look great! My ‘Devoted Resistance Bands’ are on sale now!!!

What you get....

- A set of 3 High Quality Fabric Resistance Bands

- Easier, Medium and Hard Resistance Options

- Non-slip specially woven material so your only focussed on your workout, they won’t annoyingly ride up your legs 😉

- My Dev🍑ted Carry Bag for when your on the go!

- Exclusive Lifetime access to my online Personal Training and Support #BodyByJelly Group


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