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Welcome to Jelly Devote’s Slim Trim and Tone Diet and Fitness Plan

Hi, I’m Jelly and this is my 6 Week Weight Loss Plan designed specifically for at Home!


We’re all currently living in a strange, unfamiliar world where social distancing is a real thing that we’re having to live by to ensure that we’re doing everything possible to save the lives of our loved ones around the planet.


A world where going to gyms isn’t really an option for most of us and where exercising from home is more important than ever and so I created this program specifically for home, with everything in mind and I’m so proud to be able to share all of my favourite home exercise routines with you which I know your going to have lots of fun with, switching things up with exciting and different exercise variations that are both challenging and rewarding.


There’s a fantastic range which will target all of your muscle groups, maybe even some don’t use everyday and it will really ask for you to dig deep and push yourself beyond your limits and when you do the rewards will speak for themselves.


This program really does have everything from plyometrics which will accelerate your body into ‘Fat Burning Mode’ while improving your speed and strength with explosive exercises that engage your core, focussing on coordination, reaction, balance and overall power as well as a combination of the best full body toning and booty popping exercises to really heighten your beautiful womanly curves!


My only goal is making sure that when you buy my program, you get the results that you want PERIOD which is why I’ve created a Facebook Group ‘BodyByJelly’ where you will get lifetime access to a support group where I’m personally active answering any questions, posting motivational content and helping you with everything that you need to ensure you not only finish my program successfully but also to help you continue on your fitness journey beyond my program, setting you up for life!


It really is an incredible space and something I’m so proud of and love being able to offer! A lifetime support space for all my clients to help motivate each other, share each others journeys and progression as well as sharing pictures of recipes, before and after photos of their results and also everyday obstacles that can get the way of our fitness plans! Make friends, share your journey and be apart of other peoples journeys and together you will achieve your goals!!!





My body has changed more in the last 3 weeks On the program than it has all year! I’m excited to finish the 6 weeks and then repeat them again to get me to my goal!

- Lindsay Tompkins view All


I feel so much better in my own skin now. How we feel inside is so important because this will always reflect on the outside! Make the change today. I would recommend this plan to anyone!

- Kerry Yions view All


Not only did it help me slim down but made me feel happy & confident about myself again, which i hadn’t felt in years. Still seeing amazing results & i just wanted to thank you so much for helping us girls truly change our lives!

- Cheyanne Clifton view All