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Welcome to Jelly Devote Fitness Programme

For the past few months I’ve been working hard in secret, but I’m finally ready to launch Devoted Fitness and the new 21-Day Challenge! Building on the huge success of my original guides, this version has been designed and refined to help you transform and achieve that body you have always wanted!

The 21-Day Challenge can be broken down into two distinct sections; workouts, that can be followed from home or in the gym, and your diet, mouth-watering recipes that are easy-peasy to cook while still helping you burn fat.

If you think you only need help with one area you can sign up for the training or nutrition alone, but for the best results I would definitely recommend joining the full 21-Day Challenge like thousands of others. We can’t wait to see your results!


My body has changed more in the last 3 weeks On the program than it has all year! I’m excited to finish the 6 weeks and then repeat them again to get me to my goal!

- Lindsay Tompkins view All


I feel so much better in my own skin now. How we feel inside is so important because this will always reflect on the outside! Make the change today. I would recommend this plan to anyone!

- Kerry Yions view All


Not only did it help me slim down but made me feel happy & confident about myself again, which i hadn’t felt in years. Still seeing amazing results & i just wanted to thank you so much for helping us girls truly change our lives!

- Cheyanne Clifton view All