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Hi, I’m Jelly Devote, a diet and fitness expert with years of experience and tons of knowledge specifically in weight loss and muscle building for women!

I’ve helped 1000’s of women lose weight and transform their bodies over the years and not only... is it a passion of mine but it’s also my mission to help anyone that wants to change there lifestyle to healthier and happier one!

We all beginners at the moment we introduce fitness into our lives and with so much information on the internet and especially conflicting information, 1 person saying do this and another telling you to do the opposite it can be quite overwhelming and confusing and potentially off putting as well!

In my teenage years I was very unhealthy and overweight and when I started my fitness journey I did everything wrong and I know personally how hard it is to get it right, and how important having the right diet and fitness plan is to your success as well as the right fitness equipment and so using all of my experience, I’m so proud to be able to now help others reach their goals as well!

I feel blessed to be able to offer my knowledge and support to help you achieve your dream body goals and change your life and because it’s my mission to make sure all of my clients succeed, when you buy any of my fitness products, workout and diet plans, you also get lifetime access to my exclusive members only ‘BodyByJelly’ Facebook group where my members share their progress, share their success and their struggles as well as tips and tricks to succeed!

It’s an incredible support space where we all get to cheer each other on and where I’m also personally active replying to any questions you may have as well as posting motivational content to help you along your journey!

I know that together we are stronger and together we will help you achieve your body goals!