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These are my current best selling fitness plans, each one requires no specialist equipment other than a set of Devoted Resistance Bands

Fitness Plan

21 Day Challenge

This fitness plan is the result of years of training and research. My 21 Day Challenge will transform your body in just 3 weeks!!

Hard to believe? Check out my client testimonials to see what this program has already done for many different people just like you.

SALE PRICE: £19.95!

Plus Free Resistance Bands

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Fitness Plan

Slim, Trim & Tone

Learn how to change bad habits into good ones with my Slim, Trim and Tone guide. Designed to get you into the best shape of your life but most importantly, change your lifestyle forever by teaching you how to make simple and small changes to your diet. A lifestyle plan combined with fun and exciting exercises for a healthier and happier you!

SALE PRICE: £24.95!

Plus Free Resistance Bands

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