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Hi, I’m Jelly Devote. A diet and fitness expert with years of experience and tons of knowledge specifically in helping women all over the world transform their lives!

Life is hard! I get it! The struggle is real! I live it! It’s so easy to allow our own health to take a back seat because... we’re too busy worrying about everything else which sounds crazy when you think about it but we’re all guilty of it! It’s the first thing that we give up when there isn’t enough time and unfortunately the world we live in hasn’t helped us by offering quick and convenient access to Junk Food everywhere we turn. It sucks!

Our bodies should be and have to be our number one priority, we wouldn’t be here without them and I promise you that your not being selfish by taking extra time out of each day to focus on yourself, it takes extra time to eat good, make healthy choices and to exercise but in doing this, you will become a much happy over healthier version of yourself and the time you spend doing everything else will be easier and loads more fun I swear!

Having more energy throughout the day means you can work harder, be more efficient (believe me you end up with more time)! Feeling good means you get to play harder and improve your quality time with loved ones! Improve your quality of life!

Your not alone! It’s not easy knowing where to start, how to start and it can be stressful just thinking about it!!

I’ve helped 1000’s of women transform their lives and I can help you too!