Find out more about me, Jelly Devote, and my journey. From changing lifestyle and dietary habits, right through to setting up Devoted Fit, my Fitness Brand specialising in Fitness Plans and Equipment.

Who is Jelly Devote?

Hi, I’m Jelly and I’m from a small Town in Sweden called Vaxjo.

Growing up I never really enjoyed sports or exercise, I definitely wasn’t one for Physical Education to say the least and even after leaving school I never gave exercising a 2nd thought and just went about my days eating anything I fancied without a care in the world.


My lifestyle certainly wasn’t what I would now call healthy. I had no idea about nutrition in foods, I didn’t really know the difference between healthy and unhealthy, I only knew Fast Food was bad, Salad was good and alcohol was bad but I also didn’t really care being young and foolish (as we are) I ate and drank pretty much anything I wanted and since I had youth and metabolism on my side, it didn’t really bother me too much.

It was only when I turned 20 that I started to gain weight and I really started to notice a difference to my health, feeling tired and out of breath easily without much effort and I can remember joking about exercising saying ‘I really need to start going the gym’ but never had any real intention to change much at the time!

I was drinking a lot of alcohol, eating fast foods most days (I worked in a fast food restaurant which didn’t help) and the turning point for me was my Grandma getting upset because she could see the path I was headed down and she genuinely feared for my health. She actually told me I was Fat at the time (grandma’s have no filter) and regardless of my size or the comment she made, I knew she was right and I need to make some changes before things got even worse!

So the next day, I signed up to the gym and started eating salads all the time! I had no idea what I was doing but the weight started to fall off and although I didn’t feel particularly healthier, I felt good about losing weight and thought I was doing everything right! I couldn’t have been more wrong! I continued losing weight to the point that I lost too much and ended up in hospital because of it!

This was a huge wake up call and I decided to ask for some help, I got myself a diet and fitness plan and I was on a mission to be happier and healthier and that’s exactly what I did! I found balance which is key to success! I transformed my lifestyle and my body and gained a ton of knowledge along the way!’


Today, I’m in my 30’s, I’m married to the man of my dreams (don’t tell him that though, his head is big enough lol), we have an amazing life together that’s been filled with so many adventures and beautiful memories! We have our little Frenchie ‘Megs’ (our 1st baby) and we have a gorgeous little girl ‘Eva’! Things are pretty good right now and I personally have fallen back in love with fitness after having a baby! In fact, all these exercise photos we’re taken whilst I was pregnant earlier this year and you can probably see I may have gained a pound or 2! It’s also the reason my Husband had to step in as the star in the Exercise Videos as these aren’t pregnancy programs and shouldn’t be performed whilst pregnant without first consulting a doctor.

So that’s me, but this journey isn’t about me, it’s about you! It’s your journey and I created these programs specifically for home with everything in mind (covid) and I’m so proud to be able to share all of my favourite home exercise routines with you! I’m sure you will find them fun, as well as challenging yet rewarding.

Be sure to check out my ‘BodyByJelly’ Facebook Group for help, advice, motivation and everything you need to help transform your life!

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