Start living your best life today with my extensive 6 weeks nutrition and workout plan.

Learn how to change bad habits into good ones with my Slim, Trim and Tone guide which is designed to get you into the best shape of your life but most importantly, change your lifestyle forever by teaching you how to make simple and small changes to your diet and combined with fun and exciting exercises for a healthier and happier you!

The plan includes:

  • Over 60 exciting full body exercise variations
  • Improves your speed, strength, coordination and balance with a combination of plyometrics and the best full body toning and booty popping exercises
  • Enjoy over 40 healthy delicious recipes designed to keep you full of energy and ready for your day
  • Access to my workout video library to help you master your technique
  • Personal Training Support from me personally (at no extra cost) in my #bodybyjelly’ group
  • Tried and proven by thousands of women to achieve their body transformation goals

Slim, Trim and Tone

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Last March I decided enough is enough and wanted to get a body I could be proud of. I saw your body as my new goal to work towards and I purchased your workout plan. I LOVE the recipes and got more of an understanding of calories and what works for me. I am still not at my goal but I feel so much more confident, healthier and stronger. Seeing your insta keeps me motivated to keep going 😘😍

@georgina_young91 view All

Thank you so much for your 21 Day challenge!! The diet has been amazing 😍😍 not only is the food delicious 😋 but the exercise routine is also fantastic. I have so much more energy and my skin looks great but I have definitely seen results.

@little_hippie_ali view All

Just finished your 21 day challange😻 and ready to start another 21 day on your program and even better results.

You are amazing! Thank you

@shizacarina view All

Your program is absolutely amazing! That along with eating better has truly helped me and is giving me such confidence to keep pushing!

And I’m down 16 pounds! My favorite jeans are wayyy to big on me now 😂

@pawloskiii view All

Hey thought I'd keep you updated on my progress so this is me a week and a half into your 21 day challenge compared to the beginning 😊

@rhivickypage view All